Art & Culture Plan (One Day)

The Shugakuin/Ichijoji area is rich in culture and art, with a backdrop of naturaltranquility.

  1. 1. Start the day at Konpuku-ji (see guide page for access).
  2. 2. Walk from Konpuku-ji to Shisen-do (approx. 6 minutes).
  3. 3. Continue to Hachidai-jinja (4 minutes on foot).
  4. 4. From here, walk up the hill for around 15 minutes to the stunning Tanukidanisan Fudo-in.
  5. 5. After catching your breath, stroll down to Enko-ji (13 minutes on foot)
  6. 6. Another 15 minute walk will bring you to the impressive Manshu-in.
  7. 7. Next it’s on to Saginomori-jinja (7 minutes on foot)
  8. 8. Round off the day with a visit to Sekizanzen-in (12 minutes on foot from Saginomori-jinja)