Buddhist Culture Plan (One Day)

With a visit to the Ohara-area, you can be absorbed in the rich culture of Buddhism and learn about its many fascinating aspects.

  1. 1. Begin at the quiet temple Nenbutsu-ji (see guide page for details).
  2. 2. From here, walk for around 8 minutes to Raigo-in and discover its ancient links with Japanese music.
  3. 3. Next stop is Jikko-in to learn about Buddhist chanting (8 minutes on foot).
  4. 4. Also important to this chanting is the nearby Hosen-in and;
  5. 5. The adjacent Shorin-in.
  6. 6. A longer 35 minute walk will bring you to the mountain temple of Kochidani Amida-ji.
  7. 7. Finally, enjoy the 20 minute walk to beautiful Jakko-in temple.