Hiking & Natural Beauty Plan (One Day)

For those of you who enjoy spending time in nature and are looking to get some hiking done, here’s a route we suggest:

  1. 1. Start the day at Yuki-jinja (see guide page for access).
  2. 2. From Yuki-jinja walk for around 15 minutes to Kurama-dera.
  3. 3. After taking in the sights of Kurama-dera, you’ll be ready for the main hike to Kifune-jinja. You can find a great guide to this easy 2-3 hour hike here:


    If you’re short on time or energy, you can also use public transport. Walk from Kurama-dera to Kurama station and take a train one stop to Kibune-guchi. Then take Kyoto bus Kibune Line from Kibuneguchi-eki-mae to Kibune and walk to Kifune-jinja.